Legacy. Consistency. Customer Service. Just a few words when I think about our operation and what we are trying to carry on here at Flying Diamond Genetics. For 126 years my family has been ranching in the Nebraska Sandhills. We’ve survived through droughts, blizzards, depressions, and hardships over five generations, and we continue to survive and thrive doing what we love, and that is producing a safe wholesome product. It’s a different Beef Industry today than it was in 1888. Trends have come and gone. Management styles come and go. Technology continues to change. New regulations and challenges arise. Yet, one thing remains the same, great genetics with data collection, focuses on efficiency and constancy, and finding cattle to fit the environment are eminent.

Our goal at FDG is to take those genetics that the family ranch has worked so hard on for so many years and expand by offering some of those great cows as recips, and develop heifer calves to become herd expanders and builders. Along with the expansion, this website will also communicate private treaty bull sales and pictures/videos of Wilson Ranch progeny for sale throughout the year. We are excited to have our genetics and program work for you. Continue to check for new photos and videos of ranch happenings as we get started in this new venture. Please feel free to contact us at any time and if you are in the neighborhood, we’d love to show you around!