Heifer Development

Genetics are as important to our operation as they are to yours. We continuously are striving to improve our genetic base, and have had the opportunity to share our work with numerous operations over the years. We ask a lot out of our cows, and they have performed beyond expectation. It’s not a novelty to find a 15 year old Wilson Ranch range cow that has to breed up every year in a short window, raise a productive calf, maintain body condition and perform to our requirements. With a large base, we have the opportunity to come in and hand and performance select an elite group of heifers to provide to you.

The 2014 sell heifers originated and were developed on Wilson Ranch.  They were born between the end of April and middle of May of 2013 out of high percentage Red Angus cows.  They were timed AI'd on May 24 to LSF Night Calver and LSF Saga.  A big thanks to Daniel Pravecek of Winner, South Dakota for purchasing these heifers!

Along with heifers, Wilson Ranch has sold private treaty bulls for almost two decades.  A big thanks to our 2014 PT bull customers: Brandon Nuttelman, Amherst, NE, George and Sondie Smith, Bertrand, NE, Jason Dohrman, Augusta, KS, Darby Creek Ranch, Sidney, NE, McKay Brothers, Sterling, CO, Shammel Ranch, Hemingford, NE, Frank and Shirley Bailey Chamberlain, SD, Jim Johnston, Brewster, NE, and Justin Corman, Bridgeport, NE.


The Nebraska Sandhills experienced the worst drought in 2012 that any of us can remember. We were very fortunate and were able to find enough feed resources to keep the herd intact. One of the “side effects” of the drought was a small percentage increase in the number of young, open cows. After hearing horror stories from the neighbors, we decided to take advantage of this opportunity before we pregged and started to look at developing a recip herd.

We have always been firm believers that a cow only has one shot, and if she can’t make that, she’s heading to town. The recip venture has allowed us to hang onto some great producing cows and gives them a second chance to raise great calves.

Embryos are implanted for February and March calving. The ET calves are delivered to the owners 14 days after weaning. We are excited to provide this service for seedstock breeders. Customer service and herd management has been at the forefront of our ranching program, and it’s provided us the opportunity to provide those same and extended service to our ET clients. It’s been an exciting new venture, and we have an excellent team in place with Dr. Chuck Gue DVM (ET), Dr. Clint Kesterson DVM (herd health), Dr. Callan Ackerman (nutrition), and John Widdowson (counsulting).

We are currently booked for 2014. If interested in coming years, please contact us.