Wilson Ranch was founded in 1888. Buffalo bones were collected and sold during those first years to provide income. Cattle soon followed including shorthorns and in the early 1900’s a herd of purebred polled and horned Herefords including the first bull to make the Register of Merit. Red Angus genetics were introduced in 1970, and in 1980 the ranch purchased their first South Devon bull from the Ogallala Bull Test Station. Since then the ranch continues to focus on genetics with Red Angus influence and in the past couple of years have started to introduce composite and Red Sim/Angus bloodlines.

All generations have been focused on production and conservation. Cattle records have been kept for as far back as anyone can remember and AI has been utilized for close to thirty years. The cumulative of the focus on conservation reached its pinnacle in 2006 when Wilson Ranch was the inaugural Nebraska winner of the Leopold Conservation Award presented by the Sand County Foundation.

Wilson Ranch is currently owned and operated by fourth generation brother's Blaine and Bryan Wilson and their families.  Flying Diamond Genetics was started in 2013 by Blaine's daughter Jaclyn.